40 thoughts on “Youp heeft het niet op zwemmers

  1. topsport gaat nergens over..1/100 seconde sneller dan de rest…lekker
    belangrijk..en de media maar helden van ze maken..de ware helden zijn
    mensen die gewoon hun eigen leven doen ipv voor roem te leven.Alle roem is
    vergankelijk er is er toch altijd weer 1 sneller.

  2. @00TGIF The last joke should be: the only one who understood was his wife,
    at home he always came early. Verder goede vertaling, hoor. Ja, ik weet dat
    het van 2 jaar geleden is, maar ik kon het toch niet laten… 🙂

  3. Ja okee, dat heb ik eigenlijk dan weer wel, maar het is en blijft een
    loser. Dat dan weer wel…!!

  4. It appears that if someone were to rock the bed from front to back (say a
    child pretending to be in a boat on rought waters) that the legs would
    crumble – perhaps not, but visually it doesn’t look very stable. Is it
    stable, or should there be more support at the base?

  5. I have this bed. It works fine. Then we moved and lost all the hardware
    to raise it up and make it a low loft. I emailed Flexa and told them I
    would like to order more, simply because we lost it. They sent me the
    whole set for free. Good-people company and really good beds.

  6. i am just asking what was the point of the under part of the loft bed u can
    put anything useful under it…

  7. @monicades2008 It may look weak, but according to the FLEXA website a child
    up to 220lbs can use this bed. It’s made of quality materials, solid wood
    and even the arched slats they use are designed for making the beds better
    for children to sleep on.

  8. wow wheres the bottom bunk the bitch called it a bunk bed yet it only has
    one bed, and ftr that wood looks mighty weak!

  9. @ninendowii2000 maybe so weak maybe not its a good size for a 4-9 yr old
    boy or girl and did you read the title? Low Loft Bed its not a bunk bed its
    called a loft bed

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